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The month of April has been one of the busiest months for me, by far, this year and there are still 10 days left!!!I’m sure everyone knows someone who does the ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution and I hate to admit that I made this cliché commitment this year but I did.

  • Be happier
  • Eat healthier
  • Become more active
  • Gain 12 new clients by the end of the year
  • Start a blog to endorse my web design skills
  • Find a better way to prepare myself for taxes than throwing the year’s receipts in a bag and sorting them out in January (yes, this really was my 2013-2016 method)

Although its only 6 items, they were so wide-spread that it also required me to reassess my time management and April has proven to be the ultimate test of this.



I launched my blog at the end of March.  To my surprise, it was a success!  At least, for me.  I’m not a professional blogger, nor do I believe I have the time to aspire to such standards, but my sessions went from one or two a day to 115 A DAY!  This thrills me.  The excitement of logging on to approve new comments, see the lines on the charts of Google Analytics accelerate towards the top instead of being a steady flat land driver excites me…  Even if I do still have a long way to go with building my audience and email subscribers before I make my blip on the blogging radars.

I’ve enjoyed what blogging experience I’ve been able to have so far.  I can honestly say that the blogging community is one of the most interactive and friendliest groups I have had the pleasure of breezing through on the web environment.  And writing allows me to express my creativity in a form beyond the artboard.

I gained three new clients this month:  an woo-commerce site revamp, business card design, and a WordPress blogger site development.

I also invested a little bit back into the business this April.  A new GIGABYTE GA-Z270-Gaming K3 for my tower, a quaint Brother Wireless Inkjet printer, and a new logo design that allowed me to incorporate my blogging in my branding.


Yes, I said that nasty F word.

I’ve tried addressing my lack of movement in the past and I’d have moments of success with it but with so many other goals requiring me to be front and center at my desk daily I felt overwhelming amounts of frustration here.  So I sat down and analyzed my options.


I love jogging!  But my treadmill’s motor died in 2016, after 15 yrs of reliable dependency.  And with the summer heat and humidity in the south, it’s pretty hard to pull yourself away from that crisp air-conditioned office to feel the gravel beneath your feet.  Not to mention the thought of people passing by admiring all that sweat and beauty your exert during your working.

Along with all these wonderful thoughts, I had to consider the fact I’m not in the shape I use to be and age has shown its ugly face in my knee department, making it hard to enjoy a jog without shrugging off knee pain and 30 minutes of icing after each run.


I’ve always enjoyed a get in and get out mentality of the gym and, unlike an outdoor run, it’s air-conditioned!  But this can be time-consuming.  You’re far enough away from home that any item you may over look stuffing in your gym bag could become a huge inconvenience and not to mention it’s another financial subscription to keep up with.


Alright, the luxury of working out from your home, on your own time, and pretty sufficient workout duration for a busy working mom trying to squeeze in adequate exercise sessions.

Not to mention, I’ve had success in the past with their 21 Day Fix program and a few of my clients are a Beachbody coach so it’d be easy to consult with someone on any new programs that might suit me.

I thought this was my solution for a solid minute.  Then I remembered how hard it was some days to motivate myself to fire up my streaming device, log in, find my program, get everything set up to stream (or set up the tv to display the dvd then search for the remote that seemed to be misplaced 5 out of 7 days a week), rearrange my furniture so I’m only dancing around the puppy throughout my workout, find clothing I don’t have to tug at throughout all the intense movement, and then, yes, finally feel like I’m dying for 30-45 min  while I focus intensely on the instructor and tripping over my own feet, then thanking the good Lord that I survived when it’s all over.  But I felt great about myself after, and that’s all that matters, right?  Right.

Fix the treadmill

Although I’m explaining this in a few quick paragraphs, this analysis went on for several weeks and many times I found myself returning to the thought of my treadmill.  I had been without it 11 months now and missed my loyal friend dearly.  But it cost as much to purchase a new motor as it would be to buy a new mid-grade treadmill.  If I wanted a treadmill equivalent to mine, I’m looking at a couple thousand dollar investment and I hate spending money on myself so this wasn’t an option.


I finally asked myself what did I liked about my treadmill…  the convenience, the restricted space it required, the ability to just GO.  No steps to follow, no thought put into.  Just the music in my ears, the million and one thoughts I’m sorting through in my head, and the comfort of my sneakers on my feet kissing the platform.  BUT my knees…

I thought back to some old gym days that I spent on the elliptical and after a little research decided my commitment was here.

I purchased my elliptical in January and can proudly say I am leaving the month of April 25 pounds lighter.  One change just lead to another.  My 30 minute workouts every other day turned into wanting to eat better so I didn’t “waste” my workout, and water intake gradually increased, and I found it, my fitness.


I would never recommend anyone throw all your receipts in a slick designed AT&T cellular bag but I did it.  And every year I would dread the end of the year because I’d spend a month sorting through receipts.  And I haphazardly used my personal accounts for business purchases and did not separate the household needs for the business’s while checking out.  What a mess!  And I knew, but every year, it was what I was comfortable with.  And old habits prevail, no matter how good your intentions are.

So, I invested in Quickbooks.  I won’t lie, it took a bit of getting use to but as of this month, I can honestly say I’ve been scanning every receipt, separating business products from household products on the conveyor belt at the stores, and paying for business expenses with only my business account.  It didn’t take too long, just a bit of elbow grease and a change in mindset.

My next step will be to find some business oriented tax classes to become more efficient with my tax preparations and claims.


Aside from all of the above, I made a few other changes in my life that contributed to a happier ME.

I decided to rid myself of some old but draining friendships, confront some stubborn comfort zones, and celebrate nine good things for every one bad thing that came to mind.


Speaking of celebrating, the month of April has brought great joy to our family.

My seven-year-old daughter entered her first art show and took 1st place in the kindergarten division!  She is also preparing for her Spring Champion Force Cheerleading Competition that will be held in Jackson, Tennessee.


We also took our first family fishing trip!  We only ventured to the lake behind our house and focused on casting practice but I was impressed with how little help any of the kids needed throughout the adventure.

We also experimented with a few new campfire recipes that went over very well.

Cajun-foil-campfire-recipe-sarriewebdesigns.com mountain-pie-campfire-recipe-sarriewebdesigns.com campfire-chicken-sarriewebdesigns.com

By no means was April perfect, but the good definitely outweighed the bad and I’m very appreciative for that.

May Goals

  • Small Business accounting class
  • Exercise 5 days a week
  • Two new clients
  • Blog 5 times (4 design related, 1 personal)
  • Go to bed thankful every day

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21 thoughts on “April Showers bring Positive Posies

  1. These are great goals! I always find that Spring is a great time for motivation because the days are longer and the sun is warmer so we can get outside more.

  2. So inspiring! You have a lot going on and it sounds like you’re juggling it all successfully. Congrats in your daughter’s prize. I love her watercolor. I think it shows real talent! Live your campfire pics, makes me want to jump in the car and drive up to the mountains 🙂

  3. I love your take on this! It’s so funny, I’m actually blogging about very similar things right now. I have a guide for goal setting over on my blog. Funny how spring gets our butts in gear =)

  4. Love this overview of your goals! Seeing other people’s goals and what they’ve been able to accomplish always motivates me to set and share my own goals. So glad I found your blog through our FB group! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in May! 🙂

  5. Congratulations on making some headway on your goals! I love starting the new year with new goals. I find it really motivating. And great job to your daughter on her art show! Her work is lovely!

  6. I love the idea of thinking of 9 positive things to make up for a negative. And yes…Google Analytics is addictive!

    1. It really helps to write them down and be clear about what the goal is… Saying you want to lose 5lb this months is a goal that you can easily see if you achieved or failed where as the goal “eating healthier” is open to interpretation whether it’s achieved or not.

  7. Well done for juggling all of your goals for the new year so far. So far it sounds like you’ve made some great changes. Your blog looks great! And this post has made me realize I need to get back into my fitness goals x

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